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Published on Wednesday, September 14, 2022. Information subject to change.
Obetz, OH is in the Eastern Time Zone. Times shown are local times for Obetz.
Event Schedule

8:15 AM – Box Office Opens
8:45 AM – Stadium Gates Open
9:15 AM – Preliminary performances begin
11:15 AM – Break
12:00 PM – Preliminary performances begin
1:45 PM – Break
2:15 PM – Preliminary performances begin
4:30 PM – Presentation of Prelims Awards

6:30 PM – Gates Open for Finals
7:00 PM – National Anthem
7:30 PM – First Performing Finalist Band
10:30 PM – In Exhibition: Youngstown State University Marching Pride
10:45 PM – Finale – Presentation of Awards

Prelims Schedule & About the Bands

9:15 AM – West Carrollton H.S., OH

West Carrollton High School 
West Carrollton, OH 

DIRECTOR: Laura Bukosky 
DRUM MAJORS: Hannah Scheuller and Dominic Scolastico 

REPERTOIRE: 15 Minutes of Fame  
Musical selections include: 
Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind, and Fire  
True Colors by Cyndi Lauper  
A-ha! by Imogen Heap 

9:30 AM – New Philadelphia H.S., OH

New Philadelphia High School 
New Philadelphia, OH

DIRECTOR: Jeff Furbay
DRUM MAJORS: Trinity Bennington, Sutton Bercaw, and Hailey Kohler 


9:45 AM – Hilliard Bradley H.S., OH

Hilliard Bradley High School 
Hilliard, OH 

DIRECTOR: Andy Rice 
DRUM MAJORS: Alia Croce, Maggie Foster, and Vincent Italiano 

Musical selections include: 
The Final Countdown by Europe  
Interstellar Suite by Amin Bhatia  
Dancer In The Dark by Björk  
Antigravity by Starset 

10:00 AM – Owen County H.S., KY

Owen County High School 
Sparta, KY 

DIRECTOR: Michael Pinkston 
DRUM MAJORS: Mallory Hubbuch and Aya Brown 

REPERTOIRE: Exhibition 
Musical selections include:  
The Triumph of Time – Peter Graham  
Aha! – Imogen Heap  
Long Long Silk Bridge – Susumu Yokota 

10:15 AM – Grayson County H.S., KY

Grayson County High School 
Leitchfield, KY 

DIRECTOR: Aaron Bell 
DRUM MAJORS: Aidin Redmon and Onyx Hughes 

Musical selections include: 
Hurricane Herman (from The Series of Unfortunate Events) – Thomas Newman  
In This Broad Earth – Steven Bryant  
Ice Dance (from Edward Scissorhands) – Danny Elfman  
Carmina Burana: O Fortuna – Carl Orff  
Cold As ICE – as performed by Foreigner 

10:30 AM – Norton H.S., OH

Norton High School 
Norton, OH 
DIRECTOR: Thomas Chiera 
DRUM MAJOR: Hannah Kincaid 
REPERTOIRE: To Wish Upon  
Musical selections include: 
Symphony #1 – Paradiso by Robert W. Smith  
McCormick Fanfare by Karol Butz Dolphins  
People by Joshua Ralph  
Fix You by William Champion  
Slalom by Carter Pann 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

10:45 AM – West Clermont H.S., OH

West Clermont High School 
Cincinnati, OH 

DIRECTOR: Brian Fischer 
DRUM MAJORS: Nora Lockhart^, Joey Young^, and Elijah Daniels^

REPERTOIRE: Icy Clearly Now  
Musical selections include: 
Sea Interludes – Benjamin Britten  
Winter – Antonio Vivaldi  
Northern Lights – Ola Gjeilo  
The Frozen Cathedral – John Mackey  
I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

11:00 AM – Milford H.S., OH

Milford High School 
Milford, OH 

DIRECTOR: Tim Dailey 
DRUM MAJORS: Marissa Hull^, Emma Senter^, Cece McGinnis^, and Chris Howell^

REPERTOIRE: Masquerade  
Musical selections include: 
Masque by Kenneth Hesketh 
Humming Chorus from Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini  
Bad Guy by Billie Eilish  
Dance of the Tumblers by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

12:00 PM – Noblesville H.S., IN

Noblesville High School 
Noblesville, IN 

DIRECTOR: Eric J. Thornbury 
DRUM MAJORS: Mikaela Westlund, Alden Ruth, and Evan Reiss 

REPERTOIRE: A Million Dreams (for the world we’re gonna make) 
Musical selections include:  
A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman  
Kingfishers Catch Fire Mvt. II by John Mackey  
We Go On by Don Dorsey 

12:15 PM – Miamisburg H.S., OH

Miamisburg High School 
Miamisburg, OH 

DIRECTOR: Steve Aylward 
DRUM MAJORS: Libby Bellert, Megan Homan, Marissa Thompson, and Skyler Greggerson 

REPERTOIRE: A Thirst For…  
Featuring original music by Andrew Markworth 

12:30 PM – Worthington Kilbourne H.S., OH

Worthington Kilbourne High School 
Columbus, OH 

DIRECTORS: Alex Brough and James DeFrancesco 
DRUM MAJORS: Lincoln Glaros^, Elise Payauys^, Ce Costello^, and Emily Maghes^

REPERTOIRE: When the Tables Turn 
Musical selections include:  
Turning Tables – Adele Harmonium 
Wild Nights – John Adams  
Move On – Stephen Sondheim  
Original Music – Michael Pote 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

12:45 PM – Loveland H.S., OH

Loveland High School 
Loveland, OH 

DIRECTOR: Geoffrey Miller 
DRUM MAJORS: Kirsten Arill^, Ella Clemons^, and Lizzy Lipp^

Musical selections include: 
Hear No Evil – Night On Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky  
Speak No Evil – Say Something by Christina Aguilera  
See No Evil – Blinding Lights by The Weeknd 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

1:00 PM – Walter E. Stebbins H.S., OH

Walter E. Stebbins High School 
Dayton, OH 

DIRECTOR: Alex Lindon 
DRUM MAJORS: Erin Phillips and Adrianna Jones 

REPERTOIRE: A Night in the City  
Musical selections include Harlem Chronicles, composed by Joshua Hinkle 

1:15 PM – Warren Local H.S., OH

Warren Local High School 
Vincent, OH 

DIRECTOR: Courtney Clark 
DRUM MAJOR: Ashlyn Hayes 

REPERTOIRE: Through the Veil  
Musical selections include: 
What a Wonderful World  
Dies Irae, Verdi 

1:30 PM – Licking Valley H.S., OH

Licking Valley High School 
Newark, OH 

DIRECTOR: John Barrett 
DRUM MAJOR: Lilly Woodford 

Including musical selections from Pictures at an Exhibition and Skyfall 

2:15 PM – Central Crossing H.S., OH

Central Crossing High School 
Grove City, OH 

DIRECTOR: Eric Hubbell 
DRUM MAJORS: Elizabeth Carney and Chloe Watkins 

REPERTOIRE: Oceans Apart  
Musical selections include: 
Nuages and La Mer by Claude Debussy  
Message in a Bottle by the Police  
On the Waterfront by Leonard Bernstein 
Original Music by Alex Yoder 

2:30 PM – Hamilton H.S., OH

Hamilton High School 
Hamilton, OH 

DIRECTOR: Paul Dixon 
DRUM MAJORS: Kavon Benton, Nicolas Suman, and Gabrielle McAbee 

REPERTOIRE: Sebastian 
Musical selections include: 
Fugue in G minor – Bach 
Under the Sea  
Kiss the Girl 
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring – Bach 
Be Our Guest  
Fugue a la Gigue – Bach 

2:45 PM – Archbishop Carroll H.S., OH

Archbishop Carroll High School 
Dayton, OH 

DIRECTOR: Carl Soucek 
DRUM MAJORS: Cecilia Sharp^ and Mason LaJeunesse^

REPERTOIRE: Closing In  
Featuring original music by Carl Soucek 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

3:00 PM – Christian Academy of Louisville, KY

Christian Academy of Louisville 
Louisville, KY 

DIRECTORS: Matt Wooten and Nicole Turner 

REPERTOIRE: Sanctuary  
Musical selections include: 
The Organ Symphony – Saint-Seans 
Yellow – Coldplay  
Stained Glass – David Gillingham  
Doxology – Traditional 

3:15 PM – Fairfield H.S., OH

Fairfield High School 
Fairfield, OH 

DIRECTORS: Darren Ling and Jill Wilhelm 
DRUM MAJORS: McKenna Martin^, Zach Thompson^, and Kenta Thyagaraj^

REPERTOIRE: Ticket to Ride  
Musical selections include: 
Metroplex (Three Postcards from New York) – Robert Sheldon  
Song for Lyndsay – Andrew Boysen  
Rocky Mountain High – John Denver/Michael Taylor  
Conga – Enrique Elias Garcia  
Morning Star – David Maslanka  
Down in New Orleans – Randy Newman 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

3:30 PM – Franklin Central H.S., IN

Franklin Central High School 
Indianapolis, IN 

DIRECTOR: Evan Cooper 
DRUM MAJORS: Samantha Simpson^, Kaylee Buescher^, and Sam Zike^

REPERTOIRE: Double Vision  
Musical selections include: 
Einstein on the Beach by Phillip Glass  
A Beautiful Mind by James Horner  
Mishima by Phillip Glass 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

3:45 PM – Campbell County H.S., KY

Campbell County High School 
Alexandria, KY 

DIRECTORS: Nick Little and Dean Marotta 
DRUM MAJORS: Sanduni Abeyratna and Lawson Trapp 

REPERTOIRE: Revolution  
Musical selections include: 
Turbine – John Mackey  
La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf  
Piano Concerto No 2 – Shostakovich 

4:00 PM – Lakota West H.S., OH

Lakota West High School 
West Chester, OH 

DIRECTORS: Andrew Carr and Colin Celek 
DRUM MAJORS: Hayeon Jeong^, Katelyn Penney^, Lincoln Gulley^, and Morgan Cloud^

REPERTOIRE: Nocturnal Creatures 
Musical selections include: 
Scythian Suite Op. 20 – Serge Prokofieff 
Moonlight Sonata – Ludwig Van Beethoven  
Adagio and Transfiguration – Elliot Goldenthal 
Nocturnal Creatures- Carol Brittan Chambers 

^symbol indicates that student attended 2022 Bands of America Drum Major Institute at the Music for All Summer Symposium

4:30 PM – Presentation of Awards

Presentation of Bands of America Regional Championship Class Awards. Classification is determined by school enrollment, grades 10 through 12. We will present recognition awards; highest achievement awards in each of four classes, and first, second, and third place in each class, followed by the announcement of the evening’s twelve 12 bands. Class Champion bands not among the top 12 scoring finalist bands are invited to perform during Finals in exhibition.


Visit the Spectator Guide for more event information.

Adjudication Panel

Bands of America Championships are designed to be an educational experience for the participating bands, as well as exciting musical events for spectators. Our panel of respected adjudicators evaluates and offers constructive comments on every performance, to be used by the band directors as a guide for future improvement.

To carry out the difficult task of rating and ranking each band according to the Bands of America adjudication system, we have selected established experts in music education and the marching specialty.

Jeff Harper, Kennesaw, GA – Music
Van Mathews, North Richland Hills, TX – Music
Daniel Montoya, Jr., Acworth, GA – Music
Greg Williams, Denver, CO – Music
William Chumbley, Denver, CO – Visual
Austin Greene, Raleigh, NC – Visual
Juno Orefice, Wyoming, MI – Visual
Tim Ochran, Grayton Beach, FL – Chief Judge

What are the judges looking for?

Bands receive recorded evaluation and scoresheets from each judge. The emphasis is on the input the judge offers to the band’s program. It is the position of Bands of America that music is the more important aspect of the performance, with marching as the presentation and visual enhancement of the program. Likewise, greater emphasis is placed on general effect than on fine-line perfection of the performance.

The weight of the numbers places:

  • 60% of the value on music
  • 40% on visual
  • 60% on general effect
  • 40% on performance

Each judge is assigned a specific area on which they focus: ensemble and general effect judges are located at a vantage point from above (e.g., press box), and individual performance judges are located on the field. 

Who can enroll in Bands of America events?
Enrollment is open to all high school bands on a first-come, first-served basis.

How is performance order determined?
Preliminary performance times are scheduled based on a random draw. Applications received and paid for on or before January 31, 2022 were eligible for the initial draw, after which performance times are based on postmark of application, with earlier postmarks receiving the later performance times. The previous year’s Regional Champion has the option to choose its Prelims performance time. Finals performances are scheduled by a random draw on site.

How is classification determined?
Bands of America has a four-class system. Bands are assigned to classes based on the following enrollment levels (grades 10-12):
• Class A – 600 or fewer
• Class AA – 601 -1325
• Class AAA – 1326 -1850
• Class AAAA – 1851 or more

Per our commitment to re-evaluate the classification system, classification numbers are examined and reset every three (3) years by a procedure that considers the composition of Bands of America Championship participation using three years of data. The maximum enrollment number for Class A remains constant, while the enrollment levels for Classes AA, AAA, and AAAA are adjusted to levels (for the next three years) that would have established equal, cumulative numbers of participants in each class over the prior three (3) years. The current classification is set to begin with the Fall 2022 season, and the next reclassification will occur effective Fall 2025. For purposes of determining enrollment, your principal must certify enrollment and consider all those students in the grades 10-12 population as reported on fall State and/or FTE funding reports.

Why aren’t the classifications announced?
By nature, appreciation of arts requires subjective reactions. We do not announce or publish band classifications, before or during events. Our intention is to not draw attention to classification, to eliminate expectations of a band’s performance based on class, including those of the judges.

How are finalist bands selected?
The top 12 scoring bands, regardless of class, are invited to compete in the evening’s Regional Finals. For Indianapolis and St. Louis Super Regionals, the top 14 scoring bands, regardless of class, will advance to Finals. For the San Antonio Super Regional, the five highest scoring bands in each of the two Prelims judging panels, regardless of class, plus the next four highest scoring bands from both of the two Prelims, regardless of class, will advance to Finals. If a Class Champion is not among the highest scoring bands advancing to Finals, they will be invited to perform at Finals in exhibition.

Is electronic recording allowed in the stadium?
No video or audio recording is permitted in the stadium without the express written permission of Music for All, in advance of the event.

Camera Policy:
Any still camera (making film or digital still pictures) is allowed into and may be used from the spectator seating area of any venue, as long as it does not interfere with or disrupt the viewing experience of any other spectator. Family, friends, and fans may take still photos of BOA events for personal use only. The images may not be sold or otherwise distributed without the written permission of Music for All. Cameras (of any kind) may not be used on the field. People with field passes or name badges must go into the stands to take digital or film pictures. Tripods or other similar equipment that obstruct the view or path of travel of others in seating areas are not allowed.

Clear Bag Policy
Music for All encourages spectators to not bring bags into venues. Only clear bags and emergency bags will be permitted. Bag policies are effective to expedite entry into venues and provide additional safety. Spectators will be allowed to bring items such as cameras, provided they are not in cases that would violate the bag policy at that venue.


Saturday, September 17, 10:30 PM

Youngstown State University Marching Pride

Music for All is proud to welcome the Youngstown State University Marching Pride in special exhibition.

Learn more about the YSU Marching Pride



Thank you to the Hamilton Local Schools Band and Boosters for serving as host of today’s championship. Hamilton Local Schools Band and Booster volunteers are making today’s event happen!  Thank you to Lance Fulton and the Hamilton Local Schools Band and Boosters.


June 24-July 2, 2023
Ball State University
Muncie, IN


March 31-April 2, 2023
Indianapolis, IN

Including Honor Band of America, Honor Orchestra of America, Jazz Band of America


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