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Las Cruces, NM 2023

September 23, 2023

New Mexico Regional Championship

presented by Yamaha

September 23, 2023
Aggie Stadium, New Mexico State University

Event Schedule


Finals Schedule

6:30 p.m. – Gates Open for Finals

7:00 p.m. – National Anthem and Opening Welcome*

7:30 p.m. – Alamogordo H.S., NM

7:42 p.m. – Bel Air H.S., TX

7:54 p.m. – Las Cruces H.S., NM

8:06 p.m. – Del Valle H.S., TX

8:18 p.m. – Pecos H.S., TX

8:30 p.m. – Centennial H.S., NM

8:42 p.m. – Clovis H.S., NM

8:54 p.m. – Eastlake H.S., TX

9:06 p.m. – Organ Mountain H.S., NM

9:18 p.m. – Richland H.S., TX

9:30 p.m. – Riverside H.S., TX

9:42 p.m. – Volcano Vista H.S., NM



There is no charge for spectator parking at the New Mexico Regional Championship. Please arrive early and allow extra time to get to the stadium, especially during peak times. Refer to the maps and other event documents for location and further details. NOTE – there are other large-scale events on the same day, on campus that may cause traffic delays.

Ticketing Information


  • This ticket booth accepts both cash and card.
  • Skip the line and save time by buying tickets online (Ticketmaster fees apply). Tickets also available on site.

Aggie Memorial Stadium

1810 E. University Ave.
Las Cruces, NM 88003

Prelims Schedule and Band Info

10:21 AM - Mayfield H.S., NM

Mayfield H.S.
Las Cruces, NM
DRUM MAJOR: Yair Barraza
REPERTOIRE: Brave New World
Part I: “New World Symphony” by Dvořák and “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys
Part II: “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton and “Accelerate” by Paul Jaso
Part III: “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys
Part IV: “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child and “Allegro” from New World Symphony by Dvořák

10:33 AM - Bel Air H.S., TX

Bel Air H.S.
El Paso, TX
DIRECTOR: Adam Castaneda
DRUM MAJOR: Larrissa Guerrero
REPERTOIRE: Guilded Embrace
Musical Selections Include: “Winds of Poseidon” by Robert W. Smith; “New World” by Bjork; and “Golden Hour” by Jacob Lawson and Zachary Lawson

10:45 AM - Valencia H.S., NM
Valencia H.S.
Los Lunas, NM
DIRECTOR: Sergio Beraun
DRUM MAJOR: Natalia Hernandez
REPERTOIRE: All The Lonely People
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles and “Come Together” by the Beatles
10:57 AM - Alamogordo H.S., NM
Alamogordo H.S.
Alamogordo, NM
DIRECTOR: Lucas Jackson
DRUM MAJOR: Ryan Potchebski
REPERTOIRE: A Lunar Enigma
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Journey Through the Darkness” by JaRod Hall
11:09 AM - Eastlake H.S., TX
Eastlake H.S.
El Paso, TX
DIRECTOR: Nick Flood
DRUM MAJORS: Victor Burstein and Adria Dominguez
REPERTOIRE: Wanderlust
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “GymnopĂ©die No. 1” by Erik Satie; “Kingfishers Catch Fire” by John Mackey; and “Reflections of Earth” by Gavin Greenaway
11:21 AM - Del Valle H.S., TX
Del Valle H.S.
El Paso, TX
DIRECTOR: Keith Morales
DRUM MAJORS: Keith Morales, Aislynn Quezada, and Itzel Soto
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Trinity” by Mark Lettieri; “Coraline – End Credits” by Bruno Coulais; “Sound of Silence” by Paul Simon; and “Church Windows” by Ottorino Respighi
11:33 AM - Las Cruces H.S., NM
Las Cruces H.S.
Las Cruces, NM
DIRECTOR: Ty Frederick
DRUM MAJORS: Rixen Hernandez, Luis Valtierra, Mireya Delgado
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Remembering the Future” by Stephen Melillo, “Pure Imagination” by Newly, “Symphony No. 10” by Shostakovich, and “Hymn of Axciom” by Vienna Teng
12:21 PM - Centennial H.S., NM
Centennial H.S.
Las Cruces, NM
DIRECTOR: Philip Ramos
DRUM MAJORS: Richard-Ray Aguilar and Maxwell Rosenberg
REPERTOIRE: Cafe Centennial
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “I Love you Paris” from Can-Can by Cole Porter; “An American in Paris” by George Gershwin; “La Vie En Rose” by David Mack; and “Paris Sketches” by Martin Ellerby
12:33 PM - Organ Mountain H.S., NM
Organ Mountain H.S.
Las Cruces, NM
DIRECTOR: Shawn Silva
DRUM MAJORS: Ariana Calmes and Milianah Silva
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “The Lonely Bull” by Herb Alpert; “Redline Tango” by John Mackey; “Matador” by Andrew Markworth; and “Carmen” by Georges Bizet
12:45 PM - Richland H.S., TX
Richland H.S.
North Richland Hills, TX
DIRECTOR: Mike Pickrell
DRUM MAJORS: Maaliyah Greer, Audrey Herman, and Ayrina Lopez
REPERTOIRE: Under Pressure
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Machu Picchu: City in the Sky” by Yagisawa; “Night on Bald Mountain” by Mussorgsky; “Woods” by Bon Iver; and “Vesuvius” by Ticheli
12:57 PM - Legacy H.S., TX
Legacy H.S.
Midland, TX
DIRECTOR: Steven Dojahn
DRUM MAJORS: Joseph Barreno, Victoria McElhaney, and Dakota Penn
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “This Land” by Hans Zimmer; “Nero Sighted” by Michael Giacchino; “United States of Eurasia” by Muse; “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish; “Romeo and Juliet Suite” by Sergei Prokofiev; and “I Did Something Bad” by Taylor Swift
1:09 PM - Pecos H.S., TX
Pecos H.S.
Pecos, TX
DIRECTOR: Richard Cole
DRUM MAJORS: Peter Juarez and Cierra Sandoval
REPERTOIRE: Midnight Mass
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Liberi Fatali” by Nobuo Uematsu; “Flameheart” by Thomas Bergersen; “Benedictus” by Karl Jenkins; “Stained Glass” by David Gillingham; and “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd
1:21 PM - Volcano Vista H.S., NM
1:33 PM - Riverside H.S., TX
Riverside H.S.
El Paso, TX
DIRECTOR: Jason Lauturner
DRUM MAJORS: Joshua Lopez and Felipe Ortiz
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Aurora” by Luke McMillan; “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins; and “Rewrite the Stars” by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
1:45 PM - Clovis H.S., NM
Clovis H.S.
Clovis, NM
DIRECTOR: Bill Allred
DRUM MAJORS: Arcel Pena Ceballos, Abigail Gutierrez, Adriana Mulgado, and Christy Vizcarra
REPERTOIRE: Le Bonne Vie “The Good Life”
MUSICAL SELECTIONS INCLUDE: “Le Festin” from Ratatouille by Michael Giacchino; “Symphonie Fantastique (4. March to the Scaffold)” by Hector Berlioz; “GymnopĂ©die No. 1” by Erik Satie; “Ratatouille Main Theme” by Michael Giacchino; “L’ArlĂ©sienne Suite No. 2: Farandole” by Georges Bizet; and “Dukas: La PĂ©ri – Fanfare” by Marie Jacquot
1:57 PM - EX. NMSU Pride of New Mexico Marching Band

New Mexico State University – Pride of New Mexico Marching Band
Director: Dr. Steven Smyth
Drum Majors: Katelyn Zuments, Kyle Girven, and Jenna Fraley
“Moulin Rouge Revisited” (Prelims Exhibition)
“Mexican Fiesta” (Finals Exhibition)


Mark Nichols – Dickinson, TX
Mike Davis – St. Louis, MO
Jay Kennedy – Chicago, IL
Van Mathews – North Richland Hills, TX

Austin Greene – Raleigh, NC
Carl Nelson – Corona, CA
Ted Wemhoff – Frisco, TX

Chief Judge:
Nola Jones – Nashville, TN


Thank you to the host of today’s Bands of America Championship event: Steven Smyth and the Pride of New Mexico Marching Band!


New Mexico State University – Pride of New Mexico Marching Band
Director: Dr. Steven Smyth
Drum Majors: Katelyn Zuments, Kyle Girven, and Jenna Fraley
“Moulin Rouge Revisited” (Prelims Exhibition)
“Mexican Fiesta” (Finals Exhibition)

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Bag Policy

Music for All venues will follow a universal clear bag policy in 2023.

This applies to any person using spectator gates at an event (including students and staff before and after performances), including situations in which the band re-entry gate is the same as the spectator gate. This policy does not apply to performance flow entry and exit gates.

Is recording allowed in the stadium?


Camera Policy

Only still photography is allowed, and only from general admission seats. Tripods should not be used and the viewing experience of other spectators may not be disrupted.

Still photography is not allowed at field level.

Video and audio recording of any kind is not allowed, no exceptions.

Who can enroll in BOA Championships?

Enrollment is open to all high school bands on a first-come, first-served basis.

How is performance order determined?

Preliminary performance times are scheduled based on a random draw. Applications received and paid for on or before January 31, 2023 were eligible for the initial draw, after which performance times are based on postmark of application, with earlier postmarks receiving the later performance times. The previous year’s Regional Champion has the option to choose its Prelims performance time. Finals performances are scheduled by a random draw on site.

How is classification determined?

Bands of America has a four-class system (A-AAAA). Bands are assigned to classes based on enrollment levels in grades 10-12. 

Why aren’t the classifications announced?

By nature, appreciation of arts requires subjective reactions. We do not announce or publish band classifications, before or during events. Our intention is to not draw attention to classification, so as to eliminate expectations of a band’s performance based on class, including those of the judges.

How are finalist bands selected?

REGIONALS:The top 12 scoring bands, regardless of class, are invited to compete in the evening’s Regional Finals.

SUPER REGIONALS:Super Regional Championships accept 14 bands into Finals. The 14 bands are chosen according to the following procedure: the five highest scoring bands in each of the two Prelims judging panels, regardless of class, plus the next four highest scoring bands from both of the two Prelims, regardless of class, will advance to Finals. If a Class Champion is not among the highest scoring bands advancing to Finals, they will be invited to perform at Finals in exhibition.


September 23, 2023
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