Participating Director Information

Welcome to your Bands of America resource hub, where you will find all logistical information before your band takes the field this season. All of the information below will be communicated via email as well.

If your head director has changed since enrollment, please update us by completing the following form.

Information, Forms, and Final Packets

Important flyers, forms, and policies that apply to all BOA Championship participants – including the consent form.

Download important information for your specific championship such as schedules, stadium maps, stadium flow, and more as they become available.

Copyright Resources

Music for All is committed to full compliance with the copyright laws of the United States and requires all enrolled bands to comply with copyright laws including: arrangements of copyrighted music, use of copyrighted visual images and other materials, use of copyrighted audio or spoken text, and display of copyrighted words and images.

BOA Adjudication Handbook

The handbook contains three parts: the Bands of America Championships Procedures, Official Performance Procedures, and the Adjudication Handbook. Samples of scoresheets and judging criteria are located in the appendix.

Housing Bureau

All competing and exhibition bands and their boosters groups utilizing hotel accommodations during Bands of America Grand Nationals and Super Regional Championships and REQUIRED to make their hotel reservations through the BOA Housing Bureau.


These informational sessions are presented as an optional addition to the Regionals and are designed for directors and staff to analyze your performance video with BOA adjudicators in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

Grand Nationals Rehearsal Space

More information for Grand Nationals participating directors about the rehearsal schedule procedure

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