Bands of America Honor Band in the Rose Parade®

December 27, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Pasadena, CA

Every New Year’s Day since 1890, the world has come to Pasadena, California, USA. Nearly a million come in person for the tradition and pageantry, and for fun! Hundreds of millions more watch the worldwide broadcasts on TV in more than 200 international territories.

In addition to the parade, the Tournament of Roses experience will include a performance at Bandfest, which will feature the prize-winning bands of the 2021 Rose Parade®

Members & Details

See who is in the 2021 band, package benefits, costs, highlights, and more!

Audition & Application Requirements

Application information, eligibility, instrumentation, audition materials, and deadlines!


Meet the members of the 2021 Honor Band in the Rose Parade Faculty.

Watch the 2017 Full Documentary Film

I learned more than I ever thought possible! I worked with the most amazing staff of adults ever put in front of me. I have formed friendships I know I will cherish for a lifetime.

Elise Pezzi

Tates Creek H.S., KY

It was the most amazing musical experience I have ever had, to work with such amazing musicians, teachers, and people. It has completely changed my outlook on music and on life. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing, exhilarating and life-changing opportunity.

Allison Picini

Chantilly H.S. VA

BOA is a phenomenal program, from the competitions, to the two summer camps my son has been to at Illinois State, to the Rose Parade. It is a great learning experience and has aided him greatly in his music, his marching and his leadership.

Douglas R. Wozniak

Atlanta, GA

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