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Published on Thursday, October 19, 2022. Information subject to change.

Indianapolis, IN is in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. All times shown are local time for Indianapolis.

Event Schedule


Saturday, October 22 FINALS

6:30 PM – National Anthem
Special On-Field Welcome

7:00 p.m. – Goshen High School, IN
7:15 p.m. – Centerville High School, OH
7:30 p.m. – Union High School, OK
7:45 p.m. – Lincoln-Way Community High School, IL
8:00 p.m. – Castle High School, IN
8:15 p.m. – Grain Valley High School, MO
8:30 p.m. – Lafayette High School, KY
8:45 p.m. – Jenks High School, OK
9:00 p.m. – Carmel High School, IN
9:15 p.m. – Avon High School, IN
9:30 p.m. – William Mason High School, OH
9:45 p.m. – Blue Springs High School, MO
10:00 p.m. – Brownsburg High School, IN
10:15 p.m. – Fishers High School, IN
10:30 p.m. – EXHIBITION Class A: Edgewood High School, IN


Friday, October 21

7:30 AM – Box Office Opens
8:45 AM – Preliminary Competition Begins
11:00 AM – BREAK
11:30 AM – Preliminary Competition Resumes
2:00 PM – BREAK
2:15 PM – Preliminary Competition Resumes
4:45 PM – BREAK
5:00 PM – Preliminary Competition Resumes
7:45 PM – BREAK
8:00 PM – Preliminary Competition Resumes
11:00 PM – Friday Competition Concludes

Saturday, October 22

6:15 AM – Box Office Opens
7:15 AM – Preliminary Competition Resumes
9:30 AM – BREAK
9:45 AM – Preliminary Competition Resumes
3:30 PM – Preliminary Competition Ends
Exhibition: Missouri State University Pride Marching Band
4:15 PM – Finalist Directors Meeting
Stadium Cleared and Dinner Break

6:30 PM – National Anthem
Special On-Field Welcome
7:00 PM – First Performing Finalist Band
10:30 PM – Finals Competition Ends
Class Exhibition (If Needed)

Prelims Schedule & About the Bands

FRIDAY 10/21/2022

9:00 AM – Pleasure Ridge Park H.S., KY
Pleasure Ridge Park High School
Louisville, KY

DIRECTOR: Debbie Burnell-Wise

DRUM MAJOR: Christopher Stafford

The Mad Maestro

Musical selections include: “5th Symphony” by Beethoven; “Olav Trygvason Opus 50” by Edvard Grieg; “Sonata 16” by Mozart; “Minuet in G” by Bach; “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman; “Sonata Pathetique” by Beethoven; “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff.
9:15 AM – Snider H.S., IN
Snider High School
Fort Wayne, IN
DIRECTOR: Jordan Cain
DRUM MAJORS: Payton Kempton^ and Oluadamilare Adeosun^

Into the Limelight

Musical selections include: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana; Original Compositions by Alex Yoder
^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute
9:30 AM – Wheaton North H.S., IL
Wheaton North High School
Wheaton, IL
DIRECTOR: Kent Krause
DRUM MAJORS: Max Martinez, Zach Rea, and Evelyn Winchell

Where the Clouds Dance

9:45 AM – Bullitt East H.S., KY
Bullitt East High School
Mount Washington, KY
DIRECTOR: Jason Novak
DRUM MAJOR: Brenden Zygmunt

Heart of Glass

Musical selections include: “Harrison’s Dream” by Peter Graham; “Heart of Glass” (Crabtree Remix) by Chris Stein & Philip Glass; “Reverberations” by Brian Balmages
10:00 AM – Lafayette Jefferson H.S., IN
Lafayette Jefferson High School
Lafayette, IN

DIRECTOR: Tyler Long

DRUM MAJOR: Aidan Clemenz and Kelby Tarter

Wabi Sabi

Musical selections include: “All Things Bright and Beautiful” by John Rutter; “NO one To kNOW one” by Andy Akiho; “Bookmarks from Japan: V. Evening Snow at Kambara” by Julie Giroux; “Fix You” by Coldplay
10:15 AM – Northmont H.S., OH
Northmont High School
Clayton, OH
DIRECTORS: Brian Wissman and Sara Lewis
DRUM MAJORS: Kai Eggleston and Joel Harvey

Any Way the Wind Blows

Musical selections include: “Air Waltz and Airborne Dances” by Oliver Davis; “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas; “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen
10:30 AM – Greenfield Central H.S., IN
Greenfield Central High School
Greenfield, IN
DIRECTOR: Chris Wing
DRUM MAJORS: Sarah Baker, Lynsey Kojima, Emily Moore, and Avah Pollitt


Musical selections include: “Harrison’s Dream” by Peter Graham; “On Then and Now” by Woodkid; “Adagio for Tron” by Daft Punk; “Godspeed!” by Stephen Melillo
10:45 AM – Scottsburg H.S., IN
Scottsburg High School
Scottsburg, IN
 DIRECTOR: Curtis Turner
DRUM MAJORS: Christi Patterson^ and Skylar Herald^


Musical selections include: “Prelude in C-Sharp Minor” by Rachmaninov; “Dies Irae” by Verdi; “Vocalise No. 14” by Rachmaninov; Music from “Chamber Symphony” by Shostakovich 
^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute
11:30 AM – Homestead H.S., IN
Homestead High School
Fort Wayne, IN

DIRECTOR: Bryen Warfield
DRUM MAJORS: Christopher Bay^, Nick Panozzo, Tim Rowan^, Elena Matyas^, and Cameron Elder^

REPERTOIRE: Wild As the Wind

Musical selections include: “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy; “Church Windows, mvt. 2” by Ottorino Respighi; “Renewing Vows” by Wynton Marsalis
^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute
11:45 AM – Decatur Central H.S., IN
Decatur Central High School
Indianapolis, IN

DRUM MAJORS: Kim Garcia, Keila Pimentel-Contreras, and Brayden Hartloff

Key Change

Musical selections include: Rhapsody in Blue, Claire de Lune, The Piano Man… and friends
12:00 PM – Lewis Cass H.S., IN
Lewis Cass High School
Walton, IN
 DIRECTOR: Alan Hinshaw
DRUM MAJORS: Brooke Whitney and Lauren Johnson^

A Young Person’s Guide To A Farmer’s Life

Musical selections include: “A Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra” by Benjamin Britten; “Green Acres” by Vic Mizzy; “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” by John Denver; “Simple Gifts” by Joseph Brackett
^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 
12:15 PM – Ben Davis H.S., IN
Ben Davis High School
Indianapolis, IN
DIRECTOR: Patrick Van Arsdale
DRUM MAJORS: Lauren Vescovi^, Demetrious Walker^, and Aiyana McKee^

Modern Day Prometheus

Musical selections include: “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears for Fears; “Madness” by Ruelle, “My Immortal” by Evanescence; “Frankenstein” 
^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 
12:30 PM – Hamilton Southeastern H.S., IN
Hamilton Southeastern High School
Fishers, IN
DIRECTOR: Audrey Torres

DRUM MAJORS: Emma Huser^ and Jackson Muller^


Musical selections include: “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones; “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven; “Light of Mine”
^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 
12:45 PM – Edgewood H.S., IN
Edgewood High School
Ellettsville, IN
DIRECTOR: Aaron Wells
DRUM MAJORS: Ellie Benson and Saif Hussain

Break Free
Musical selections include: “My Body Is a Cage,” “Liquid,” Main theme to “the Impossible”, Digging In the Dirt

1:00 PM – Warsaw Community H.S., IN
Warsaw Community High School
Warsaw, IN
DIRECTOR: Mark Ziegler
DRUM MAJORS: Gracie Luce^ and Cate Harris

Musical selections include: I. A Ghost Story II. Panic III.Ghost Dance IV. Last Breath V. Afterlife

 ^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

1:15 PM – William Henry Harrison H.S., IN
William Henry Harrison High School
Evansville, IN

Rebecca Cichy
DRUM MAJORS: Berkley Hiatt, Noah Henson, Kaelin League, Zachary Owen, and Anthony Vellis

Four Winds
Musical selections include: “North West East South” by Key Poulan

1:30 PM – Jasper H.S., IN
Jasper High School
Jasper, IN
DIRECTOR: Chad Gayso
DRUM MAJORS: Olivia Andrews, Malakai Fleming, and Levi Gayso

Beyond the Starry Night
Musical selections include: “Vincent” by Don McLean; “True Colors” by Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg; “Fete” from Noctures by Claude Debussy; “Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral” by Richard Wagner

1:45 PM – Westfield H.S., IN
Westfield High School
Westfield, IN

DIRECTOR: Andrew Muth

DRUM MAJORS: Becca Rust, Anna Graber, and Bree Clark

The Dark Horse
Musical selections include: “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry; “Aha!” by Imogen Heap; “Heroes” by David Bowie; “Symphony no. 4” by Philip Glass

2:15 PM – Greenwood Community H.S., IN
Greenwood Community High School
Greenwood, IN
DIRECTOR: Luke Aylsworth
DRUM MAJORS: Anthony Maupins, Eric Ratliff, and Mallory Cregar

Gathering Green
Musical selections include: “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Harburg, Arlen; “Impetuosomente (from Pampeana No. 3) Op.24” by Ginastera; “Fields of Gold” by Gordon Sumner; “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Shamblin, Reid; “Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18” by Rachmaninoff

2:30 PM – Noblesville H.S., IN
Noblesville High School
Noblesville, IN
DIRECTOR: Eric J. Thornbury
DRUM MAJOR: Mikaela Westlund, Alden Ruth, and Evan Reiss

A Million Dreams “for the world we’re gonna make”
Musical selections include: “A Million Dreams” from the Greatest Showman by Zaifman, Jackman, Williams; “Kingfishers Catch Fire Mvt. II” by John Mackey; “We Go On” by Don Dorsey

2:45 PM – Warren Central H.S., IN

Warren Central High School
Indianapolis, IN
DRUM MAJOR: Jesus Aguayo

REPERTOIRE: The Elephant in the Room
Musical selections include: “Mind Heist” by Zack Hemsey; “Agent of Chaos” (from The Dark Knight) by James Newton Howard; “Westward” by Joshua Talbot; “Reflections of Earth by Gavin Greenaway

3:00 PM – Taylor H.S., IN
Taylor High School
Kokomo, IN
DIRECTOR: Max Johnson
DRUM MAJOR: Allison Pasquale

Musical selections include: Original music by John Fannin and Joshua Powell

3:15 PM – Owen Valley H.S., IN
Owen Valley High School
Spencer, IN
DIRECTOR: Dylan Cramer
DRUM MAJORS: Lily Leitzman and Skylar Giffel

Once Upon A Nightmare
Musical selections include: “Morning Mood” by Edvard Grieg; “Once Upon A Dream” by Maleficent Cast; “Dies Irae” by Giuseppe Verdi; “160 BPM” by Hans Zimmer

3:30 PM – Beech Grove H.S., IN
Beech Grove High School
Indianapolis, IN
DRUM MAJORS: Erica Settles and Arabella Jones

Where there is Shadow…
Musical selections include: “Starvation” by Thomas Bergersen; “Black Hole Sun” by Chris Cornell

3:45 PM – Forest Park Jr./Sr. H.S., IN
Forest Park Jr./Sr. High School
Ferdinand, IN
DIRECTOR: Eric Obermeyer
DRUM MAJORS: Haley Lorey, Ella Hopf, and Eli Berg

Mors Musicae
Musical selections include: “Funeral For a Friend” by Elton John; “As the World Caves In” by Matt Maltese; “The Awakening” by Joseph Martin; “Tomorrow’s Dream Reimagined” by Eric Obermeyer

4:00 PM – Norwell H.S., IN
Norwell High School
Ossian, IN
DRUM MAJOR: Anna Tanner

Musical selections include: Original Composition by Key Poulan:
I. X-Clamation & X-Celeration
II. X-Haustion
III. X-Aggeration, X-Otic & X-Plosion

4:15 PM – Castle H.S., IN
Castle High School
Newburgh, IN
DIRECTORS: Ethan Wilkinson and Grant Winternheimer
DRUM MAJORS: Audrie Wirthwein, Andrejs Jansons, Caden Hall, Emily Northen, and Pierce Ruppel

The Count
Musical selections include: The music of Stephen Melillo, Philip Glass, Ravi Shankar, Three Dog Night, Cindy McTee, Michael Martin and Dave Glyde

4:30 PM – Goshen H.S., IN
Goshen High School
Goshen, IN
DIRECTOR: Tom Cox and Josh Kaufman
DRUM MAJORS: Jonathan Beas, Jordyn Miller, and Dulce Sanchez-Perez

City Lights
Musical selections include: “Sensemaya” by Silvestre Revueltas; “Red Cape Tango” by Michael Daugherty; “Urban Dances” by Richard Danielpour

4:45 PM – Columbia City H.S., IN
Columbia City High School
Columbia CIty, IN
DIRECTOR: Chris Douglas
DRUM MAJORS: Allyson Schmit and Lucy Severit

Celestial Sky
Musical selections include: “Jupiter” from the planets by Holst; “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven; “Peer Gynt Suite: Morning Mood” by Grieg; “It is well with my soul” by Bliss

5:00 PM – Galesburg H.S., IL
Galesburg High School
Galesburg, IL
DIRECTOR: Andy Empey
DRUM MAJORS: Brady Warner, and rew Hawkinson, and Sofie Jones-Rhoades

Things That Go Bump In The Night
Musical selections include: “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven; “Toccata in D Minor” by Bach; The Main Theme from “The Corpse Bride” by Danny Elfman; “Danse Macabre” by Saint Saen; “Once Upon a December” by Liz Callaway; “Totentanz” by Liszt; “Piano Sonata No. 2” by Saint Saen

5:15 PM – Terre Haute South Vigo H.S., IN
Terre Haute South Vigo High School
Terre Haute, IN
DIRECTOR: Tim Murphy
DRUM MAJORS: Maddy McHolland, Landon Grahek, and Genet Favreau

Musical selections include: “Doomed” by Bring Me the Horizon; “Iron Foundry” by Alexander Mosolov; “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath; “Home Sweet Home” and Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue

5:30 PM – NorthWood H.S., IN
NorthWood High School
Nappanee, IN
DIRECTOR: Eric Criss
DRUM MAJORS: Cameron Yoder and Pasquale Daeger

The Learning Curve
Musical selections include:
I. Correlation
II. Progress
III. Consequence
IV. Awareness

5:45 PM – Orleans Jr./Sr. H.S., IN
Orleans Jr./Sr. High School
Orleans, IN

DIRECTOR: Terry Burton

DRUM MAJORS: Alexis Starodub and Ben Pinney

“Fire Within”

Musical selections include:
Movement 1, “Exuberance”
Movement 2, “Passion”
Movement 3, “Rage
6:00 PM – Northview H.S., IN
Northview High School
Brazil, IN

DIRECTOR: Dominic Thompson

DRUM MAJOR: Eden Mace and Lindsey Heaton

En Francais

Musical selections include: “La Vie en rose” by Edith Piaf and Louisguy, “Gymnopeide No. 1” by Erik Satie, “Finale” from the Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Seans, “Infernal Galop” by Jacques Offenbach, “Because We Can” by Fatboy Slim
6:15 PM – Terre Haute North Vigo H.S., IN
Terre Haute North Vigo High School
Terre Haute, IN
DIRECTOR: Dakota Jones
DRUM MAJOR: Hannah Gurchiek 

Cirque Noir
Musical selections include: “Come One, Come All;” “Under the Big Top;” “Death Defying Acts”

6:30 PM – Union City H.S., TN
Union City High School
Union City, TN
DIRECTOR: Jason Deem
DRUM MAJOR: Chloe Meade

“Is Anybody Out There?”
Musical selections include: “Is Anybody Out There;” “The Children of Gaia;” “All By Myself;” “joyRide”

6:45 PM – Monrovia H.S., IN
Monrovia High School
Monrovia, IN
DIRECTOR: Brian Willett
DRUM MAJOR: Allissa Terrell

Life is Sweet
Musical selections include: “Underground” by Cody Glen Fry; “Candyman” by C. Aguilera, L. Perry; “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” by Tchaikovsky; “Sweet Dreams” by David Allen Stewart, Annie Lennox

7:00 PM – Franklin Central H.S., IN
Franklin Central High School
Indianapolis, IN
DIRECTOR: Evan Cooper
DRUM MAJORS: Samantha Simpson^, Kaylee Buescher^, and Sam Zike^

Double Vision
Musical selections include: “Einstein on the Beach” by Phillip Glass; “A Beautiful Mind” by James Horner; “Mishima” by Phillip Glass

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

7:15 PM – Jenks H.S., OK
Jenks High School
Jenks, OK
DIRECTOR: Scott Hillock
DRUM MAJORS: Hannah Regier, Matthew Beyer, Rachel Oakes, and Sophie Hopkins

… Of Time
Musical selections include: “Fearful Symmetries” by John Adams; “Time to Say Goodbye” by Francesco Sartori; “160 BPM” by Hans Zimmer; “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” by Franke Previte

7:30 PM – Brownsburg H.S., IN
Brownsburg High School
Brownsburg, IN
DIRECTOR: Chris Kaflik and Chris Paulson
DRUM MAJOR: Eleanor Angelly^, Conner Arnold^, Caleb Clem^, and Colin Mendenhall^

The Uninvited
Musical selections include: “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette; “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber; “Amen, Op. 35” by Henryk Gorecki; “Symphony No. 2” by Samuel Barber; “Dance Suite” by Bela Bartok; “Medea’s Meditation and Dance of Vengeance” by Samuel Barber

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute

8:00 PM – Kickapoo H.S., MO
Kickapoo High School
Springfield, MO

Aaron Scriven
DRUM MAJORS: Riley Rector^, McKenna Hunt, and Sara Kimrey^

As The Crow Flies
Musical selections include: “The Unforgiven” by Metallica; “If I Only Had A Brain” by Harold Arlen; “Blackbird” by Paul McCartney & John Lennon; “Medea’s Dance of Vengeance” by Samuel Barber

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute

8:15 PM – Southport H.S., IN
Southport High School
Indianapolis, IN
DIRECTOR: Jeff Maupin
DRUM MAJORS: Katie Osborne^ and December Tling^

What’s Inside…
Musical selections include: “The Cave You Fear” by Michael Markowski; “I Ran” by A Flock of Seagulls; “Confluence” by Richard Saucedo

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute

8:30 PM – Franklin Community H.S., IN
Franklin Community High School
Franklin, IN
DRUM MAJORS: Maddi Stillabower and Aubrie Losey

The Name is Bond
Musical selections include: “Skyfall” by Adele; “GoldenEye” by Tina Turner ; “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith; “African Rundown” by David Arnold; James Bond Theme

8:45 PM – Lawrence Township, IN
Lawrence Township
Indianapolis, IN
DIRECTOR: DiaShamar Marshall
DRUM MAJORS: Kristopher Chong, Yemili Cruz, and Abby DiSanto

Musical selections include: “Robo City Chase” by John Powell; “Human” by Christina Perri; “Edge of Tomorrowland” by Michael Giachinno

9:00 PM – Avon H.S., IN
Avon High School
Avon, IN
DIRECTOR: Kevin Welborn
DRUM MAJORS: Olivia Mason, Mackenzie Faust, Ashley Franz, Shaelyn Harloff^, and Jasmine Tincher

REPERTOIRE: Bloodlines

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute

9:15 PM – Center Grove H.S., IN
Center Grove High School
Greenwood, IN
DIRECTOR: Kevin Schuessler
DRUM MAJORS: Derek Johnstone, Jocelyn Mitchell, and Sophia Smith

“The Art of Glass”
Musical selections include: Music of Philip Glass

9:30 PM – Carmel H.S., IN
Carmel High School
Carmel, IN
DIRECTOR: Chris Kreke
DRUM MAJORS: Riley Stuelpe, Ahni Brown-Harbin, George Huang, Landon Peterson, and Owen Russell


Musical selections include: “Symphony No. 1” by Samuel Barber

9:45 PM – Western H.S., IN
Western High School
Russiaville, IN
DIRECTOR: Stephan Garber
DRUM MAJORS: Isaac Smith and Ashton Ferris

Skeletons in the Closet
Musical selections include: “Serenada Schizophrana” By Danny Elfman; “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg; “Secrets” by One Republic; “Demons” by Imagine Dragons.

10:00 PM – Pendleton Heights H.S., IN
Pendleton Heights High School
Pendleton, IN
DIRECTOR: Chris Taylor
DRUM MAJORS: Emily Benages, Bryce Landis^, and Noah Tannas^

Lost Paridise Found

Musical selections include: “Inferno” by Robert W. Smith; “160 BPM” by Hans Zimmer; “Overture” by Bjork; “Joy” by Joseph Curiale

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

10:15 AM – Plainfield H.S., IN
Plainfield High School
Plainfield, IN

DIRECTOR: Michael Carpenter

DRUM MAJORS: Alexa Magnus, Ella Daugherty, and Jeremiah Koss


Musical selections include: “Glow” by Eric Whitacre
10:30 PM – Fishers H.S., IN
Fishers High School
Fishers, IN
DIRECTOR: Chad Kohler
DRUM MAJORS: Katy Delany^, Jill Hooton^, Karsten Schick^, and Hannah Schulz^

Chasing Starlight
Musical selections include: “Apollo unleashed” by Frank Ticheli; “Little Girl Blue” by Janis Joplin; “Radiant Joy” by Steven Bryant

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

10:45 PM – Lake Central H.S., IN
Lake Central High School
St. John, IN
DIRECTOR: Elliot Smith
DRUM MAJORS: Maxton Swantko, Teddy Tsakopoulos, Marissa Pastore, and Adam Holechko

From the Ashes: The Fire Within
Musical selections include: “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky; “Danse Rituelle du Fue” by Manuel de Falla

SATURDAY 10/22/2022

7:15 AM – Plymouth H.S., IN
Plymouth High School
Plymouth, IN 
DIRECTOR: Bryan Ames
DRUM MAJORS: Tessa Hutchinson, Kasi Harner, and Evy Roberts

Musical selections include: Music selections from Cirque du Soleil; Incantation from “Quidam;” Love Dance from “Ka;” Distorted from “La Nouba”

7:30 AM – Waukesha North H.S., WI
Waukesha North High School
Waukesha, WI
DIRECTOR: Tom Battersby
DRUM MAJORS: Nadia Lucey and Maddy Pruett

Wherefore Art Thou?
Musical selections include: “Symphony No.2 Movement 1” by Gustav Mahler; “Romeo and Juliet” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky; “Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me” by Larry Groce; “No Time to Die” by Billy Eilish and Finneas O’Connell; “Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Traditional

7:45 AM – Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA
Kennesaw Mountain High School
Kennesaw, GA
DIRECTORS:  Michael Huebner and Corey Futrell
DRUM MAJORS: Lane McKenna, Gabi Salinas, Lily Tow, and KJ Williams

La Vie En Rose

8:00 AM – Beavercreek H.S., OH
Beavercreek High School
Beavercreek, OH
DIRECTOR: Matt Frost
DRUM MAJORS: Ethan Fauber, Olivia Hooten, Alexis McAninch, and Izzy Soliz

Nightmare of Horrors
Musical selections include: “Sweet Dreams” by Lennox Stewart; “Sonata in the Darkness” by Giacchino; “Uninvited” by Morissette; “Halloween Theme” by Carpenter, Davies

8:15 AM – Union H.S., OK
Union High School
Tulsa, OK
DIRECTORS: Danny Cole and Charles Pisarra
DRUM MAJORS: Markenna Sims, Zane Roy, and Ethan Deyo

A Common Thread
Musical selections include: “The Chosen” by Stephen Melillo; “Divertimento” by Roger Cichy, Harold Arlen; “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel

8:30 AM – Springboro H.S., OH
Springboro High School
Springboro, OH
DIRECTOR: Nicholas Palmer
DRUM MAJORS: Daniela Pence and Bridgit Lammert

Now Boarding
Musical selections include: “Origination;” “In the Airport;” “Take Off;” “Turbulence;” “Destination”

8:45 AM – Kettering Fairmont H.S., OH
Kettering Fairmont High School
Kettering, OH
DIRECTORS: Matthew Phillips and Brandon Schick
DRUM MAJORS: Will Hattery, Caleb Holbrook, Savannah Oakley, and Tres Oakley

Musical selections include: “Everest” by Andrew Markworth; “Hymn to a Blue Hour” by John Mackey; “Winds of Winter” by Ramin Djawadi

9:00 AM – Todd County Central H.S., KY

Todd County Central High School
Elkton, KY
DIRECTOR: Mike DiPasquale

REPERTOIRE: The Keys of Life

9:15 AM – William Mason H.S., OH
William Mason High School
Mason, OH
DIRECTOR: Jason Sleppy
DRUM MAJORS: Gavin Dove, Maya Goodman, Bekah Hufnagel, Alex Riley, and Maddie Wielinga

Musical selections include: “Lady in the Water” by James Newton Howard; “Oceans” by Marcus Warner; “Piano Concerto in G Major, Op 36” by Howard Hanson; “He’s a Giant” by Two Steps from Hell

9:45 AM – Central Hardin H.S., KY
Central Hardin High School
Elizabethtown, KY 
DIRECTOR: Trevor Ervin
DRUM MAJORS: Shiloh Dunaway, Cailee Tucker, and Lily Tingle

What Goes Around…
Musical selections include: The music of Aaron Zigman, Alexandre Desplat, Joe Hisaishi, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Justin Timberlake, and Benoit Jutras.

10:00 AM – Collierville H.S., TN
Collierville High School
Collierville, TN
DIRECTOR: Thomas Richardson
DRUM MAJORS: Dylan Colston, Ava Chambers, Gabriel Pryor, and Anna Lim

Ghost Train
Musical selections include: “Ghost Train” by Eric Whitacre

10:15 AM – Blue Springs H.S., MO
Blue Springs High School
Blue Springs, MO
DIRECTOR: Tim Allshouse
DRUM MAJOR: Kayla Marker and Eli Montgomery^

The Call of the Grove
Musical selections include: “Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun” and “The Engulfed Cathedral” by Claude Debussy; “Dr. Gradus” by Maurice Ravel; “I Can’t Make you Love Me” by Allen Shamblin

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

10:30 AM – Princeton Community H.S., IN
Princeton Community High School
Princeton, IN
DIRECTORS: Scott Salmond
DRUM MAJOR: Jacob Payne

Reap and Sow
Musical selections include: “Reap and Sow;” “Reaping Autumn Leaves;” “Harvest: Concert for Trombone”

10:45 AM – North H.S., IN
North High School
Evansville, IN
DIRECTOR: Noah Farmer
DRUM MAJOR: Sophia Edwards and Isaiah Farrell

Musical selections include: “Light Cavalry Overture” by Von Suppe; “Africa” by Toto; “Galop” by Dmitri Shostakovitch; “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry; “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody; “Blues Equus” by Eric Whitacre; “Rocky Point Holiday” by Ron Nelson

11:00 AM – Penn H.S., IN
Penn High School
Mishawaka, IN
DIRECTOR: Glenn Northern
DRUM MAJORS: Valentina Gianesi, Avery Minor, Hannah Steele, and Anna Murphy

Among The Clouds
Musical selections include: “To Tame the Perilous Skies,” “Into the Storm,” “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” “Sailing the Sky”

11:15 AM – Vincennes Lincoln H.S., IN
Vincennes Lincoln High School
Vincennes, IN
DIRECTORS: William Marsh and Garrett Coffer
DRUM MAJORS: John Alderfer and Emily Gartner

REPERTOIRE: It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green
Musical selections include: “Bein’ Green,” “Green,” “Grow Till Tall” and “No One Mourns the Wicked”

11:30 AM – DeKalb H.S., IN
DeKalb High School
Waterloo, IN
DIRECTOR: Shanna Lank
DRUM MAJORS: Lucas Hanes, Lauren Ley, and Rylee Sleeper

Ancient Roots
Musical selections include: “Credo” by Mozart; “Tocatta and Fugue” by Bach; “Dies Irae” by Mozart; “Farandole” by Bizet; “Clair de Lune” by Debussy; “Blue Shades” by Frank Ticheli

11:45 AM – F.J. Reitz H.S., IN
F.J. Reitz High School
Evansville, IN
DIRECTOR: Alex Grimm
DRUM MAJORS: T.J. Joyce, Cameron Miller, and Kat Sheychuk

All the Lonely People…A Symphony for Eleanor
Musical selections include: “Yesterday,” “Come Together” and “Eleanor Rigby” by John Lennon & Paul McCartney; “I Hear A Symphony” by Cody Fry; “To Build A Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra

12:00 PM – Rock Island H.S., IL
Rock Island High School
Rock Island, IL
DIRECTOR: Peter Carlin
DRUM MAJORS: Madison Greenwood, Emily Hummel, Aaliyah Ross, and Jaida Thompson

“Beautiful Tragedy”
Musical selections include: “My Body is a Cage” by Peter Gabriel; “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails

12:15 PM – Evansville Central H.S., IN
Evansville Central High School
Evansville, IN
DIRECTOR: Jeff Heiger
DRUM MAJORS: Hannah Koontz^ and Carolyn West^

Musical selections include: A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby Enigma Variations

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

12:30 PM – Floyd Central H.S., IN
Floyd Central High School
Floyds Knobs, IN
DIRECTOR: Harold Yankey
DRUM MAJORS: Olivia Eastridge, Adaline Hampton, and Grayson Lang


Musical selections include: “The Chairman Dances & Harmonium” by John Adams; “All By Myself” by Sergei Rachmaninoff & Eric Carmen; “Joyride” by Michael Markowski
12:45 PM – Lafayette H.S., KY
Lafayette High School
Lexington, KY
DIRECTOR: Robert Dee Bishop
DRUM MAJORS: William Allen, Sam Dailey, Madelyn Johnson, and Amanda Woolum

“Objectively Subjective”
Musical selections include: “Sunday in the Park with George” by Stephen Sondheim; “Green” by Michael Torke; “I Remember” by Deadmau5; “Wave Decay” by Chris Illingworth, Nick Blacka & Jon Scott; “Chiaroscuro” by Robert Sheldon

1:00 PM – Lincoln-Way Community H.S., IL
Lincoln-Way Community High School
New Lenox, IL
DIRECTORS: Dr. Bert Johnson, Justin Barnish, Chris Mroczek, and Cary Ruklic
DRUM MAJORS: Nicole Keating, Maddie Clark, and Maria Rehm

On The Contrary
Musical selections include: “Symphonic Movement” by Vaclav Nehlybel; “The Rains of Castermere” by Ramin Djwadi; “Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Op 14” by Samuel Barber; “On the Contrary” by Donald Hill

1:15 PM – Centerville H.S., OH
Centerville High School
Centerville, OH
DIRECTOR: Brandon Barrometti
DRUM MAJORS: Erin Lynch, Madison McAfee, and Charlotte Melville

Gem City
Musical selections include: Original music arranged by Andrew Markworth, featuring: “Diamonds” as performed by Rihanna, “Diamonds are Forever” as performed by Shirley Bassey, “All Blues” by Miles Davis, “Ruby Baby” as performed by Donald Fagen, and “Home” from ‘The Wiz’ as performed by Dianna Ross.

1:30 PM – Elkhart H.S., IN
Elkhart High School
Elkhart, IN
DIRECTORS: Bret Winternheimer
DRUM MAJORS: Aangee Mehta and Callie Shaffer

Where in the World is Inspector Gadget?
Musical selections include: “Selections from Carmen” by Georges Bizet; “Them” from Inspector Gadget by SHUKI LEVY & HAIM SABAN; “The Way” by Fastball

1:45 PM – Henry Clay H.S., KY
Henry Clay High School
Lexington, KY
DIRECTORS: William Kite
DRUM MAJORS: Emma Fay and Sophie Spielmann

From The Depths
Musical selections include: “Ode to Joy;” “Symphony No. 3;” “Smells Like Teen Spirit;” Original Music by Donald Hill

2:00 PM – George Rogers Clark H.S., KY
George Rogers Clark High School
Winchester, KY
DRUM MAJORS: Olivia Puckett and Maddy Combs

Musical selections include: “Clair de Lune” by Debussy; “The New Moon in the Old Moon’s Arms” by Kamen; “Moon River;” “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran

2:15 PM – Grain Valley H.S., MO
Grain Valley High School
Grain Valley, MO
DIRECTOR: Travis Barzee
DRUM MAJORS: Emmalee Lockwood^, Harper Allie^, and Caleb Collins^

The Chains That Bind
Musical selections include: “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac; “Raging Machines” by Brian Balmages; “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers; “Separate Ways” by Journey.

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

2:30 PM – Franklin H.S., TN
Franklin High School
Franklin, TN
DIRECTOR: Michael Holland
DRUM MAJORS: Finn Schaefer, Katrina Finch^, Noah Sacdalan, and Noah Myers

Forever Young
Musical selections include: “Lost Boy” by Ruth B; “Becoming One With The People” by James Horner; “Children’s March (Over the Hills and Far Away)” by Percy Aldridge Grainger; “Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky; “No More Tears” by Ozzy Osbourne; “Forever Young” by Alphaville

^indicates participation in the 2022 Music for All Summer Symposium Drum Major Institute 

2:45 PM – Bremen H.S., IN
Bremen High School
Bremen, IN
DIRECTOR: Matthew Sutton
DRUM MAJORS: Galen Hochstetler and Braden Unruh

The Witching Hour
Musical selections include: Original Music by Matt Hightower Featuring “Heathens” by Tyler Joseph

3:00 PM – Camdenton H.S., MO
Camdenton High School
Camdenton, MO
DIRECTOR: Dominic Zanaboni
DRUM MAJORS: Curtis Nicklas, Carter Smith, and Emma Weiss

Pirates of The Lake
Musical selections include: “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven; “Requiem” by Mozart; “Turkish March” by Beethoven; “Sailing” by Christopher Cross

3:15 PM – Benjamin Bosse H.S., IN
Benjamin Bosse High School
Evansville, IN
DIRECTORS: James Smith
DRUM MAJOR: Kaylee Lester

All Wrapped Up
Musical selections include: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem; “Still D.R.E” by Dr. Dre; “Wrapped Around your Finger” by the Police; “Encore”

3:30 PM – Ex. Missouri State University Pride Marching Band

DIRECTOR: Dr. Brad Snow

REPERTOIRE: Buddy Meets Brubeck – the music of Buddy Rich and Dave Brubeck


Visit the Spectator Guide for the stadium address, parking information, to order tickets online, and more.

Adjudication Panel

Bands of America Championships are designed to be an educational experience for the participating bands, as well as exciting musical events for spectators. Our panel of respected adjudicators evaluates and offers constructive comments on every performance, to be used by the band directors as a guide for future improvement.

To carry out the difficult task of rating and ranking each band according to the Bands of America adjudication system, we have selected established experts in music education and the marching specialty.


Mike Howard, Leander, TX
Jager Loyde, Round Rock, TX
Van Mathews, North Richland Hills, TX
Paul McGarr, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Travis Moddison, Grants Pass, OR
Chester Phillips, Atlanta, GA
Greg Williams, Acworth, GA
Timothy Yontz, Fort Myers, FL


Lee Carlson, Palm Springs, CA
Marie Czapinski, Des Plaines, IL 
Grag Llacer, Boxborough, MA
Randy Nelson, Jacksonville, FL
Juno Orefice, Wyoming, MI
Michael Turner, San Francisco, CA


John Phillips, Cape Coral, FL

What are the judges looking for?

Bands receive recorded evaluation and scoresheets from each judge. The emphasis is on the input the judge offers to the band’s program. It is the position of Bands of America that music is the more important aspect of the performance, with marching as the presentation and visual enhancement of the program. Likewise, greater emphasis is placed on general effect than on fine-line perfection of the performance.

The weight of the numbers places:

  • 60% of the value on music
  • 40% on visual
  • 60% on general effect
  • 40% on performance

Each judge is assigned a specific area on which they focus: ensemble and general effect judges are located at a vantage point from above (e.g., press box), and individual performance judges are located on the field. 


Who can enroll in Bands of America events?
Enrollment is open to all high school bands on a first-come, first-served basis.

How is performance order determined?
Preliminary performance times are scheduled based on a random draw. Applications received and paid for on or before January 31, 2022 were eligible for the initial draw, after which performance times are based on postmark of application, with earlier postmarks receiving the later performance times. The previous year’s Regional Champion has the option to choose its Prelims performance time. Finals performances are scheduled by a random draw on site.

How is classification determined?
Bands of America has a four-class system. Bands are assigned to classes based on the following enrollment levels (grades 10-12):
• Class A – 600 or fewer
• Class AA – 601 -1325
• Class AAA – 1326 -1850
• Class AAAA – 1851 or more

Per our commitment to re-evaluate the classification system, classification numbers are examined and reset every three (3) years by a procedure that considers the composition of Bands of America Championship participation using three years of data. The maximum enrollment number for Class A remains constant, while the enrollment levels for Classes AA, AAA, and AAAA are adjusted to levels (for the next three years) that would have established equal, cumulative numbers of participants in each class over the prior three (3) years. The current classification is set to begin with the Fall 2022 season, and the next reclassification will occur effective Fall 2025. For purposes of determining enrollment, your principal must certify enrollment and consider all those students in the grades 10-12 population as reported on fall State and/or FTE funding reports.

Why aren’t the classifications announced?
By nature, appreciation of arts requires subjective reactions. We do not announce or publish band classifications, before or during events. Our intention is to not draw attention to classification, to eliminate expectations of a band’s performance based on class, including those of the judges.

How are finalist bands selected?
The top 12 scoring bands, regardless of class, are invited to compete in the evening’s Regional Finals. For Indianapolis and St. Louis Super Regionals, the top 14 scoring bands, regardless of class, will advance to Finals. For the San Antonio Super Regional, the five highest scoring bands in each of the two Prelims judging panels, regardless of class, plus the next four highest scoring bands from both of the two Prelims, regardless of class, will advance to Finals. If a Class Champion is not among the highest scoring bands advancing to Finals, they will be invited to perform at Finals in exhibition.

Is electronic recording allowed in the stadium?
No video or audio recording is permitted in the stadium without the express written permission of Music for All, in advance of the event.

Camera Policy:
Any still camera (making film or digital still pictures) is allowed into and may be used from the spectator seating area of any venue, as long as it does not interfere with or disrupt the viewing experience of any other spectator. Family, friends, and fans may take still photos of BOA events for personal use only. The images may not be sold or otherwise distributed without the written permission of Music for All. Cameras (of any kind) may not be used on the field. People with field passes or name badges must go into the stands to take digital or film pictures. Tripods or other similar equipment that obstruct the view or path of travel of others in seating areas are not allowed.

Clear Bag Policy
Music for All encourages spectators to not bring bags into venues. Only clear bags and emergency bags will be permitted. Bag policies are effective to expedite entry into venues and provide additional safety. Spectators will be allowed to bring items such as cameras, provided they are not in cases that would violate the bag policy at that venue.



Thank you to Shortridge High School for serving as host of today’s championship. Shortridge High School volunteers are making today’s event happen! Thank you to Joe Lapka and Shortridge High School.


June 24-July 2, 2023
Ball State University
Muncie, IN


March 31-April 2, 2023
Indianapolis, IN

Including Honor Band of America, Honor Orchestra of America, Jazz Band of America


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Super Regional Championships
Grand National Championships

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