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Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Information subject to change.

Waco, TX is in the Central Daylight Time Zone. All times shown are local time for Waco, TX.

Event Schedule



7:00 PM – National Anthem
Special On-Field Welcome

7:30 PM β€” Burleson Centennial High School, TX
7:45 PM β€” Roma High School, TX
8:00 PM β€” Colleyville Heritage High School, TX
8:15 PM β€” Lovejoy High School, TX
8:30 PM β€” Richland High School, TX
8:45 PM β€” Argyle High School, TX
9:00 PM β€” Moe & Gene Johnson High School, TX
9:15 PM β€” Leander High School, TX
9:30 PM β€” Rouse High School, TX
9:45 PM β€” McKinney North High School, TX
10:00 PM β€” Cedar Park High School, TX
10:15 PM β€” Aledo High School, TX
10:30 PM β€” Class A Champion in Exhibition: Meridian High School, TX



6:45 AM – Box Office Opens


7:45 AM – Preliminary Competition Begins

9:30 AM – BREAK

10:15 AM – Preliminary Competition Resumes

12:00 PM – LUNCH

12:45 PM – Preliminary Competition Resumes

2:30 PM – BREAK

3:00 PM – Preliminary Competition Resumes

4:45 PM – Preliminary Competition Ends
Ex. Baylor Univ. Golden Wave Band

All Competing Band Drum Majors

5:30 PM – Finalist Directors Meeting
Stadium Cleared
Dinner Break

Prelims Schedule & About the Bands

7:45 AM – Waco H.S., TX
Waco High School
Waco, TX
DIRECTOR: Scott Stulir
DRUM MAJORS: Jordan Diaz and Daniel Alarcon

REPERTOIRE: The Diamond’s Edge

Musical selections include: “Symphony # 9” Antonin Dvora’k; “Autumn” by John Meehan; “Attacca” by Scott Stulir; “Dies Irae” by Giuseppe Verdi
8:00 AM – Meridian H.S., TX
Meridian High School
Meridian, TX
DIRECTOR: Daniel Yguerabide
DRUM MAJORS: Kylie Hood and Meryl Roberson

Tales of Arabia!

Musical selections include: I. A Night in Arabia by Luke McMillan II. Sword Dance Inspired by Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov III. Snake Charmer by Luke McMillan IV. Bacchanale from Samson & Delilah by Saint-Saens
8:15 AM – Georgetown H.S., TX
Georgetown High School
Georgetown, TX
DIRECTOR: Justin A. Smith
DRUM MAJORS: Ben Crowley, Sydney Harbers, and Ian McAlister

Down the Rabbit Hole

Musical selections include: “March Op. 99” by Sergi Prokofiev; “Movement II” from Four Scottish Dances by Malcom Arnold; “White Rabbit” by Jefferson; “Airplane Huntin Wabbits 2” by Gordon Goodwin
8:30 AM – Pieper H.S., TX
Pieper High School
San Antonio, TX
DIRECTOR: Evan Berry
DRUM MAJORS: Jonathan Dooley, Gabrielle Maxwell, and Avery Tran

Birds of a Feather…

Musical selections include: “Bird Machine” by DJ Snake (Feat. Alesia); “Bright Blue Music” by Torke; “The Caged Bird Sings” by LAMB; “Battle on the Ice” by Prokofiev
8:45 AM – McKinney North H.S., TX
McKinney North High School
McKinney, TX

DIRECTORS: Connor Vaughn, Gary Williams, and Michael Reed

DRUM MAJORS: Mitchell McCollom, Ava Thomas, and Ryan Esail

An American in Paris

Musical selections include: “Dream Ballet” by Gershwin; “La Vie En Rose” by Josephine Baker; “I’ve Got Rhythm” by Gershwin; “Can Can” by Offenbach
9:00 AM – Richland H.S., TX
Richland High School
North Richland Hills, TX
DIRECTOR: Mike Pickrell
DRUM MAJORS: Lian Canales, Ceze Darling, Astrid Davila, and Isaac Noyola

Urban Noir

9:15 AM – Granbury H.S., TX
Granbury High School
Granbury, TX
DIRECTOR: Mario Morales
DRUM MAJORS: Saphre Sneed and Abby Stone


Musical selections include: I. The Introduction of Frida II. The Two Fridays III. Divorce From Diego IV. “Frida”
10:15 AM – Douglas MacArthur H.S., TX
Douglas MacArthur High School
San Antonio, TX

Hector Trevino
DRUM MAJORS: Chloe Adams, Shawn Ingram, and Carson Zimmermann


Musical selections include: “The Rite of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky; “Sensemaya” by Silvestre Revueltas; “La Fiesta Mexicana” by H. Owen Reed
10:30 AM – Argyle H.S., TX
Argyle High School
Argyle, TX
DIRECTOR: Jason Bird
DRUM MAJORS: Abigail Halvorson and Maya Medrano

“Shades of Autumn”

Musical selections include: “Dawn of Life” by Paul Reeves; “Infinite Ocean” by Oliver Davis; “Benedictus” by Karl Jenkins; “Beauty Broken” by Nicole Piunno
10:45 AM – Jack C. Hays H.S., TX
Jack C. Hays High School
Buda, TXΒ 
DIRECTORS: John Rauschuber and Aaron Collins
DRUM MAJORS: Owen Tippett, Kassidy Ethridge, Diego Loaeza, and Evy Llabres


Musical selections include: Music by Boy George, George Michael, George Bizet, George Gershwin, and George Handel.
11:00 AM – Burleson H.S., TX
Burleson High School
Burleson, TX
DIRECTOR: Brandon Day
DRUM MAJORS: Megan Moore and Ash Carter

The Red Umbrella

Musical selections include: “Symphony No. 7” by Beethoven; “Codex” by Radiohead; “Symphony No. 2” by Mahler.
11:15 AM – Memorial H.S., TX
Memorial High School
Frisco, TX
DIRECTOR: Logan Stalcup
DRUM MAJORS: Rochell Boman, Melody Castro, and Kate Morris


Musical selections include: Festive Overture, Moon River, and Armenian Dances.
11:30 AM – McCallum H.S., TX
McCallum High School
Austin, TX
DIRECTOR: Carol Nelson
DRUM MAJORS: Stephanie Gallegos, Lila Markey, Bea Saffer, and Sofia Hamlet

Seeing Stars

Musical selections include: “Momma Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J; “Gonna Fly Now” by Conti; “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor; “Stardance” by Michael Sweeney; “Movement” by Hozier; “My Shot” by Lin-Manuel Miranda; “We are the Champions” by Queen
11:45 AM – Lovejoy H.S., TX
Lovejoy High School
Lucas, TX
DIRECTOR: Paul Heuer
DRUM MAJORS: Aliyah Book, Reagan Wagner, and Tamanna Verma

The Tree of Life

Musical selections include: “Gloria” and “Tree of Life” by John Rutter
12:45 PM – Burleson Centennial H.S., TX
Burleson Centennial High School
Burleson, TX
DIRECTOR: Brent Smith
DRUM MAJORS: Baylor Cain, Allie Lange, and Nathan Ramos


Musical selections include: Original music by Michael Miller and Bryan Harmsen; “Roar” by Katy Perry
1:00 PM – Liberal Arts and Science Academy, TX
Liberal Arts and Science Academy
Austin, TX
DIRECTOR: Ponder East
DRUM MAJORS: Tony Lin, Aaryan Sharma, and Surabhi Karighattam

The Manhattan Project

Musical selections include: “Dr. Atomic” by John Adams; “Salvation Is Created” by Pavel Tchesnokov; “Lt. Kije” by Sergei Prokofiev; “Russians” by Sting
1:15 PM – Birdville H.S., TX
Birdville High School
North Richland Hills, TX

DIRECTOR: Kai Rudnick

DRUM MAJORS: Sonya Demaree, Mikayla Hayes, Julie Lynch, Adrianna Pruitt, and Carter Topley

In The Void

Musical selections include: “Lovely” by Billie Eilish; “Die Irae” From Verdi’s Requiem No One; “Is Alone” by Stephen Sondheim; “O.D.” by Polyphia
1:30 PM – Roma H.S., TX
Roma High School
Roma, TX
DIRECTOR: Dena Laurel
DRUM MAJOR: Joanna Garcia, Mitzy Victoria Hernandez, and Zazil Ivana Rodriguez

Enigma Code

Musical selections include: Imitaion Game, Give Us This Day, Nimrod from Enigma Variations, Shostakovich Symphony No. 7
1:45 PM – Moe & Gene Johnson H.S., TX
Moe & Gene Johnson High School
Buda, TX
DIRECTOR: Joey Lucita
DRUM MAJORS: Rally Thomas, Mari Alonzo, and Breanna Kidd

Against All Odds

Musical selections include: music by Amadeus Mozart, Sir William Walton, Frank Loesser, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, The Rolling Stones, Abba and Lorde.
2:00 PM – Bastrop H.S., TX
Bastrop High School
Bastrop, TX
DIRECTOR: Kenneth Gilbreath
DRUM MAJORS: James Bain, Sadie Lord, and Harley Martin


Musical selections include: “Morceaux de Fantasie” by Rachmaniinoff; “Symphonie Fantastique” by Berlioz; “Shining” & “Ritual” by Carol Britton Chambers; Music from the motion picture “Coraline;” Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette; “Rite of Spring” by Stravinsky
2:15 PM – Rouse H.S., TX
Rouse High School
Leander, TX
DIRECTOR: Ryan Johnstone
DRUM MAJORS: Abby Boyles, Chad Johnson, and Maria Pitts


Musical selections include: “Clair de lune” by Claude Debussy; “Mercury” from the Planets by Gustav Holst; “The Night Window” by Thomas Newman; “Moonlight Sonata” by Ludwig van Beethoven.
3:00 PM – Midlothian H.S., TX
Midlothian High School
Midlothian, TX
DIRECTOR: Larry Doran
DRUM MAJORS: Joseph Hernandez, Kayleigh Hendricks, and Anson Holder

Fire and Ice

Musical selections include: “Inferno” by Robert W. Smith; “Dies Irae” by Giuseppe Verdi; “Ice Dance” by Danny Elfman; “Bright Blue” by Michael Torke
3:15 PM – Colleyville Heritage H.S., TX
Colleyville Heritage High School
Colleyville, TX
DIRECTOR: Gary R Barnard
DRUM MAJORS: Andrea Uremovich, Abe Nagib, Carly Williams, and Madeline Shepherd

Into Thin Air

3:30 PM – Aledo H.S., TX
Aledo High School
Aledo, TX
DRUM MAJORS: Jane Claire Anderson, Hannah Clark, and Sam Elston

Empire City

Musical selections include: “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift; “Theme from New York, New York” by Fredd Ebb, John Kander; “Slaughter on 10th Avenue” by Richard Rodgers; “Concerto in F” (for piano and orchestra) by George Gershwin; “New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel; “America the Beautiful” traditional; “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gerswhin; “Empire State of Mind” by Alicia Keys
3:45 PM – Leander H.S., TX
Leander High School
Leander, TX
DIRECTOR: Ryan Sirna
DRUM MAJORS: Ryan Vuong, Michelle Rhee, Serena Payne, and Gabe Lazcano

The Other Side of Light

Musical selections include: “Shadow’s and Light” by Joni Mitchell; “Shadow Behind the Iron Sun” by Evelyn Glennie; “Darkside of the Moon” by Paul Lovatt Cooper; “Hello” by Adele
4:00 PM – A&M Consolidated H.S., TX
A&M Consolidated High School
College Station, TX
DRUM MAJORS: Emile Reid, Madison Jackson, and Clare Duhan

The Starting Line

Musical selections include: “Chaos” from Illuminations; “Benedictus” from The Armed Man; “Stained Glass”
4:15 PM – The Colony H.S., TX
The Colony High School
The Colony, TX
DIRECTOR: Michael Larkin
DRUM MAJORS: Anchal Amin, Bailey Benavides, Leda Jimenez, and Mikayla Phillips


Musical selections include: “Dawn of Life” by Paul Walker; “La Mer” by Claude Debussy; “Ara Batur” by Sigur Rios; “Fantasy in G” by Timothy Mahr
4:30 PM – Cedar Park H.S., TX
Cedar Park High School
Cedar Park, TX
DIRECTOR: Kendall Santos
DRUM MAJORS: Nicholas Doluisio, Arnav Batra, Lauren Delbridge, and Callista Kohn

Mirror, Mirror

Musical selections include: “When I Was Older” by Billie Eilish; “Valentin’s Blood Flows” by Grandbrothers; “Dance 1” by Oliver Davis; “Allegro for Hydroponic Systems” by Christopher Tin; “Lament for a Frozen Flower” by Secret Garden; “The Bridge” by Arora; “XXVI: The End of Dracula” by Philip Glass
4:45 PM – Ex. Baylor Univ. Golden Wave Band



Visit the Spectator Guide for the stadium address, parking information, to order tickets online, and more.

Adjudication Panel

Bands of America Championships are designed to be an educational experience for the participating bands, as well as exciting musical events for spectators. Our panel of respected adjudicators evaluates and offers constructive comments on every performance, to be used by the band directors as a guide for future improvement.

To carry out the difficult task of rating and ranking each band according to the Bands of America adjudication system, we have selected established experts in music education and the marching specialty.

Carl Bly, Winchester, VA – Music
Chad Kohler, Fishers, IN- Music
Stephen Meyer, Flagstaff, AZ – Music
Steven Page, Paducah, KY – Music
Tim Hudnall, Knoxville, TN – Visual
Kristopher Quaale, Fort Worth, TX – Visual

Ted Wemhoff, Frisco, TX – Visual

Deborah Torchia, Peabody, MA – Chief Judge

What are the judges looking for?

Bands receive recorded evaluation and scoresheets from each judge. The emphasis is on the input the judge offers to the band’s program. It is the position of Bands of America that music is the more important aspect of the performance, with marching as the presentation and visual enhancement of the program. Likewise, greater emphasis is placed on general effect than on fine-line perfection of the performance.

The weight of the numbers places:

  • 60% of the value on music
  • 40% on visual
  • 60% on general effect
  • 40% on performance

Each judge is assigned a specific area on which they focus: ensemble and general effect judges are located at a vantage point from above (e.g., press box), and individual performance judges are located on the field.Β 


Who can enroll in Bands of America events?
Enrollment is open to all high school bands on a first-come, first-served basis.

How is performance order determined?
Preliminary performance times are scheduled based on a random draw. Applications received and paid for on or before January 31, 2022 were eligible for the initial draw, after which performance times are based on postmark of application, with earlier postmarks receiving the later performance times. The previous year’s Regional Champion has the option to choose its Prelims performance time. Finals performances are scheduled by a random draw on site.

How is classification determined?
Bands of America has a four-class system. Bands are assigned to classes based on the following enrollment levels (grades 10-12):
β€’ Class A – 600 or fewer
β€’ Class AA – 601 -1325
β€’ Class AAA – 1326 -1850
β€’ Class AAAA – 1851 or more

Per our commitment to re-evaluate the classification system, classification numbers are examined and reset every three (3) years by a procedure that considers the composition of Bands of America Championship participation using three years of data. The maximum enrollment number for Class A remains constant, while the enrollment levels for Classes AA, AAA, and AAAA are adjusted to levels (for the next three years) that would have established equal, cumulative numbers of participants in each class over the prior three (3) years. The current classification is set to begin with the Fall 2022 season, and the next reclassification will occur effective Fall 2025. For purposes of determining enrollment, your principal must certify enrollment and consider all those students in the grades 10-12 population as reported on fall State and/or FTE funding reports.

Why aren’t the classifications announced?
By nature, appreciation of arts requires subjective reactions. We do not announce or publish band classifications, before or during events. Our intention is to not draw attention to classification, to eliminate expectations of a band’s performance based on class, including those of the judges.

How are finalist bands selected?
The top 12 scoring bands, regardless of class, are invited to compete in the evening’s Regional Finals. For Indianapolis and St. Louis Super Regionals, the top 14 scoring bands, regardless of class, will advance to Finals. For the San Antonio Super Regional, the five highest scoring bands in each of the two Prelims judging panels, regardless of class, plus the next four highest scoring bands from both of the two Prelims, regardless of class, will advance to Finals. If a Class Champion is not among the highest scoring bands advancing to Finals, they will be invited to perform at Finals in exhibition.

Is electronic recording allowed in the stadium?
No video or audio recording is permitted in the stadium without the express written permission of Music for All, in advance of the event.

Camera Policy:
Any still camera (making film or digital still pictures) is allowed into and may be used from the spectator seating area of any venue, as long as it does not interfere with or disrupt the viewing experience of any other spectator. Family, friends, and fans may take still photos of BOA events for personal use only. The images may not be sold or otherwise distributed without the written permission of Music for All. Cameras (of any kind) may not be used on the field. People with field passes or name badges must go into the stands to take digital or film pictures. Tripods or other similar equipment that obstruct the view or path of travel of others in seating areas are not allowed.

Clear Bag Policy
Music for All encourages spectators to not bring bags into venues. Only clear bags and emergency bags will be permitted. Bag policies are effective to expedite entry into venues and provide additional safety. Spectators will be allowed to bring items such as cameras, provided they are not in cases that would violate the bag policy at that venue.





Thank you to Waco ISD for serving as host of today’s championship. Waco ISD volunteers are making today’s event happen! Thank you to Brently BartlettΒ and Waco ISD.


June 24-July 2, 2023
Ball State University
Muncie, IN


March 31-April 2, 2023
Indianapolis, IN

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