Ten years ago, Ethan Trace was a high school tuba player in Kennesaw, Georgia. While in high school, he participated in Bands of America Super Regionals and the BOA Honor Band in the Tournament of Roses ParadeĀ®.

Before leaving for California, Ethan connected with local Cobb County band kids also performing with the BOA Honor Band in the Tournament of Roses ParadeĀ®. One of these performers was Meredith, a color guard captain at the rival high school. The two instantly connected, swapping band stories about traveling across the country, indoor seasons, and everything that comes with being a band kid. Once in California, their bond deepened as they attended rehearsals, leadership sessions, and special outings.

In the months following the BOA Honor Band in the Tournament of Roses ParadeĀ®, Ethan and Meredith would hang out every weekend at winter guard shows. Eventually, Meredith went to college out of state, but that didnā€™t stop their friendship. The two started a new tradition of going to see movies like the Greatest Showman during the holiday breaks.

Now, Ethan and Meredith live in different states and are removed from the band world, but still remain close. Even though Ethan’s band days are behind him, he credits band with shaping him into the person he is today. He would not be as patient, as humble, or as good of a leader if not for his experiences at BOA.

To current and future band kids, Ethan had this to say: ā€œTo any current band/orchestra members, enjoy every moment while you can. At least 50% of my core memories came from marching band. Nothing feels quite as exhilarating as spending all that time preparing for a competition and creating that final product.ā€