Nicolas Gonzalez spent the majority of his formative years in marching band. He joined his high school band during his sophomore year and the rest is history. After getting his undergraduate degree at Indiana University, Nicolas was a marketing intern at Music for All, an internship that ignited a passion for the organization that continues to this day.  

Currently, Nicolas works as a Community engagement and Education manager at the Stamford Symphony Orchestra in Stamford, Connecticut. Outside of creating educational concerts and programs for kids, Nicolas also works with several arts organizations including Boston University Tanglewood Institute and Sound Mind. In 2021, Nicolas was accepted into the fourth cohort of the prestigious Sphinx LEAD (Leaders in Excellence, Arts & Diversity) program, a 2-year leadership program designed by the Sphinx Organization to evolve the industry landscape by empowering the next generation of executive leaders. 

Nicolas is also a volunteer with Music for All, often volunteering at events like the Music for All National Festival and Bands of America Grand National Championships, both presented by Yamaha.  

Nicolas volunteers with Music for All because he believes strongly in the positively life-changing opportunities Music for All provides students. To Nicolas, one of the most beautiful things about volunteering for Music for All is seeing the community that students from different states form with each other, no matter their backgrounds. Playing even a small part in these life-changing experiences is why Nicolas returns to volunteer season after season.  

Are you interested in helping students be better future music educators, performers, and people? Nicolas attests you’ll be able to do that and more at Music for All. A volunteer providing water to a student after their last Grand Nationals performance can make a huge impact. A volunteer setting up chairs after a performance at National Festival can make a huge impact. A volunteer simply showing up to an event ready to help can make a huge impact.