Music for All is grateful that weather conditions allowed completion of the entirety of the Preliminary Competition at the Bands of America Regional at McAllen, TX on Saturday, September 18.‚ÄĮWorking together with the Fire Marshall to assess conditions¬†and to¬†ensure the safety of the student performers,¬†we suspended preliminary performance due to extreme temperatures with eight groups remaining to perform in prelims. We resumed preliminary performances at 7:30 p.m. which allowed all the bands an opportunity to perform in the event but did not allow for a¬†Finals¬†competition.¬†We would like to thank all involved in ensuring the safety of band members, spectators, and¬†staff.¬†

The overriding ticketing policy for Music for All/Bands of America events is that tickets are ‚Äúnon- refundable.‚ÄĚ Nevertheless, where extraordinary circumstances, like severe weather, cause the cancellation of all or a substantial portion of an event, Music for All has established refund polices for that event and offered full or partial refunds as appropriate.¬†

We request that our patrons note that the costs of the event (stadium rental, stadium personnel, judges’ fees and other expenses) were still incurred and paid by Music for All. We invite you to consider foregoing any refund, and instead donate the value of your refund in support of these expenses. Thank you in advance if you choose to donate your refund, and we will provide you with an acknowledgement of your charitable contribution. 

Following are Music for All‚Äôs policies concerning ticket refunds for the 2021 Regional at‚ÄĮMcAllen, Texas:‚ÄĮ
Day-Pass ‚Äď $8 refund
Unused Adult Finals Ticket – $18 refund
Unused Discount Finals Ticket Р$15 refund 

To request a refund, please email your name¬†and email used to purchase ticket as well as the¬†eight-digit¬†purchase‚ÄĮnumber to:¬†¬†Refund requests must be received by¬†October 4,¬†2021¬†and will be processed by¬†October 31, 2021.¬†

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policies for the 2021 Regional at‚ÄĮMcAllen,¬†please do not hesitate to contact us at 800.848.2263.¬†