Bands of America alumnus Alan Kosub made his first band memory as a second grader at a middle school band concert. When he was chosen from the audience to conduct a piece, Alan felt a spark of passion that continues to drive his love for music to this day. 

At Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio, Texas, Alan participated in Bands of America Regionals and Super Regionals and attended the Bands of America Grand National Championships in 2012. One of his most distinct memories is hearing the announcer’s voice as he and his band stepped onto the field in Lucas Oil Stadium. Every band there was hard-working, and every member loved band as much as he did. It filled Alan with a sense of pride and belonging. 

BOA motivated Alan to take on the leadership role of drum major for the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Being a drum major allowed him to lead his band by example and to continuously motivate the members to do their best, but it was not without its struggles. When the band needed a boost, Alan says it was critical to remind everyone of the end goal: putting on the best show you can for the people you love and care about.  


The essential skills that Alan learned through his time with BOA, such as organization and interpersonal competence, contributed to his success post-graduation. Attendance at hundreds of rehearsals and the infamous phrase “early is to be on time, and on time is to be late” made Alan a punctual person. Working with a variety of students from different musical, economic, and cultural backgrounds made him more flexible and accepting. Being part of a band also requires the personal responsibility to come prepared to all practices and help others that are struggling. All these skills are invaluable to Alan in his day-to-day life and at work.  

Now a resident of the Austin, Texas area and a master’s degree graduate in Biomedical Engineering, Alan still enjoys attending local regionals or tuning into Grand Nationals on Box5. Seeing new generations of band kids go through the same inspiring experiences he did evokes feelings of joy and nostalgia. Forming unique bonds with your section, the thrill of performance, pride in putting on a flawless show, creating memories you will never forget.  

To the high school seniors and graduates out there, Alan leaves one piece of advice: let music continue to be your outlet. Do not forget how you felt on the field, or on the concert stage. Find ways to return to your passion in a new way. Visit a show, support local band boosters. Band is a community as much as it is an activity, and you will always be a part of it.